A summary about the Journal and its Aims

The journal of Physical Educational and Sports Sciences issued by the Deanship of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport sciences at the University of Babylon started, Iraq in 2002 upon issuing the first edition of the journal. The journal is going on issuing four editions per year for 15 years since its founding as well as its contribution to the issuance of special issues in the fourteenth scientific conference (2014) hosted by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Babylon , colleges and departments of Physical Education in Iraq and the international scientific Conference of Sports Science in 2014
The journal of Physical Educational and Sports Sciences is, well-known scientific journal, is self-financing and does aim profits as much as it aims to publish scientific sports awareness and contribute to the progress of the scientific movement in the sports field forward through the dissemination of research and scientific articles in the field of sports science and maintain the intellectual property Publishers researchers under the Iraqi laws and legislations in the field of intellectual property.
The Journal also encourages young researchers to publish theirs scientific researches and articles in its editions through discounting fees of publishing . the journal also contributes in supporting of Iraqi and Arab researchers whose regions and their countries suffered from the threat of war or economic downturn. It has exempted the these researchers from the paying fees of publishing to support the continuation of scientific research in many areas of Iraq, which suffers from lack of security and economic deterioration as well as (Libya, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Mauritania, Yemen)
The Journal Aims :-
1. Publishing of sound scientific research and which are submitted to scientific specialist evaluator .
2. Encouraging Iraqis and Arab researchers on the Scientific
3.Supporting the publishing of scientific articles and researches of young researchers.
4. Support the publishing of scientific articles conducted by researchers in countries and regions that suffer from lack security and economic turmoil.
5. Encouraging master's and doctoral degrees postgraduates to publish their abstract, theses and dissertations.
6. Supporting the publishing of the scientific conferences researches specialized in the field of sports science after evaluating scientifically.

administration procedures in the journal

it involves all the articles and scientific researches accepted to be published in the journal of physical education in the form of volumes, you can browse the index  list under this classification.

classification of physical education journal

articles are classified individually in the journal in order to gather all the articles within one list to save time in browsing the articles